Saxa Loquuntur Pilgrims - Oil on canvas


These works are part of a series inspired by the myth of Demeter and Persephone. The series includes painting, print, text and assemblage.

The characters in the story are invited to deliver their testimony about the abduction of Persephone. The characters include the Styx and a volcano, possibly Etna, bringing death , destruction and even resurrection into the arena.

The works also remind us of the cycle of the seasons. Winter becomes Spring. Darkness is followed by the return of the light.

Demeter and her daughter were guardians of the earth and so responsible for feeding the people from its bounty. The seasons were their domain too.

The 42 monoprints Testimony of Demeter is the story from her point of view. It is a newspaper as well as an open letter and a howl. The painting Loudmouth is an angry response. The Rock outpours an explosion of anger and sorrow at the abduction of Demeter’s daughter.

The first, Saxa Loquuntur - The Shore, is about waiting. We wait. In the second, Saxa Loquuntur - Pilgrims, the mountain tells its story. It is written on the reverse of the painting - the other side of the mountain and is there for the pilgrims to find. They themselves have little to say, so absorbed are they in their own journey. But they wait on the shore like the rest of us.

Saxa Loquuntur Pilgrims


Oil on canvas